The Sinister Cover Up of the Worst Environmental Disaster in Modern Times

forest wildfireThe world is burning. At least if you look at the 5,000 mile area in Indonesia where the entire countryside is ablaze in what can undoubtedly be accurately described as the worst environmental disaster in modern times. We’re not just talking burning forests, no, it goes way beyond that. The land itself is on fire, with great clouds of carbon monoxide, methane, ozone and toxic gases like ammonium cyanide being released into the air. The poisonous clouds are traveling on the winds and are already spreading to Indonesia’s neighbors in Malaysia and Singapore.

In terms of environmental damage, we’re talking about more greenhouse gases being emitted for the past three weeks than what the entire US is currently producing. The amounts of carbon dioxide exceeds the whole annual emission of most developed nations. It’s also having a devastating effect on the local population and wildlife. Thousands of people are on the run from the flames and toxic smoke, several already endangered species like the Sumatran tiger and rhino are being threatened, and many historical sites and archaeological treasures are about to be obliterated by the raging firestorm.

fire catastrophe

Why haven’t we heard anything being reported from the area by major channels? Any information is currently only available through underground or private sources. The mainstream press seems more occupied with the inane ramblings of Republican candidates, reality “stars” and the latest movie premieres. Do we simply not care what’s happening right before our eyes, or is there a more sinister purpose for the more or less complete media blackout on this issue?

The official explanation puts the blame on Indonesian timber and farming companies that are draining and deforesting the land to establish plantations and dry peat factories. The fastest way to create space is by torching the forests, and in an already dry climate that is subjected to annual hurricanes and strong winds, this is a recipe for environmental disaster.

But there have been other reports coming in as well. Numerous UFO sightings from local sources suggest that the lack of media presence goes deeper than a mere cynical disinterest. It is a widespread fact that UFOs are regularly sighted in the vicinity of catastrophe regions, and there have been reports of unidentified crafts flying over the scorched land. Are these government vessels sent out to mitigate the situation and if so, why haven’t the public been informed of their presence? Is it possible that these crafts belong to extraterrestrial observers who are documenting yet another example of human folly?

Why isn’t any of this being disclosed to the rest of the world?

It definitely appears to be a global cover-up, which has caused conspiracy theorists to reignite their claims regarding a shadow syndicate with alien ties that operate behind a set of puppet administrators. The fires could be a way to hide anything from illicit operations to preparations of setting up a staging ground for an alien invasion.

Until the fires die down and the free press is allowed to survey the area, none of us will know for sure what’s going on in Indonesia.

a world on fire

Stay vigilant.

The Bigfoot and Alien Connection: Truth or Insane Ramblings?

sasquatchBigfoot, or Sasquatch as it’s also been called, has become a modern legend, with many reported sightings across the northern hemisphere. The existence of a large, bipedal primate with intelligent capacity has thrilled both firm believers and myth busters for decades ever since the supposed species was apparently captured on footage in the Appalachian region by two hobby documentary film makers. Even though scientists have yet to verify this elusive creature, it hasn’t stopped the rumors from spreading and every year brings in more eye witness reports.

What’s particularly interesting for the UFO crowd is that the same areas where people are seeing Bigfoot are also subjected to numerous sightings of unknown flying vessels and even abduction stories. This raises a new, radical theory concerning the apelike population and alien visitors. Could it be that these creatures are somehow connected?

Several DNA samples that are said to have come from Bigfoot have been collected and put through biological tests. All these tests have come back inconclusive. Researchers are confirming the samples to be mammalian in nature but are unable to identify the species, meaning we’re dealing with a previously undiscovered specimen. This brings to mind the infamous Roswell crash, where humanoid tissue samples were recovered from the site but no one has been able to identify them.

famous bigfoot footage

Put this together with the UFO sightings in the woods where Bigfoot is rumored to make its habitat and the evidence of a possible connection begin to stack up.

Perhaps this species have been put here by extraterrestrial beings, for whatever purpose, or maybe the signs of the intelligence of this species brings a more sinister plot to light. There have been theories regarding cross-breeding of abductees and alien test subjects. Humanity has only recently begun exploring the realm of genetics and it is quite possible that a more technologically advanced race are way ahead of us in this field.

Is Bigfoot a leftover in the evolutionary chain, an otherworldly zoological specimen, or an alien-human hybrid?

Until an actual individual of the legendary species is studied, all we have are wild theories and speculations.

truth or myth

Multiple UFO Sightings Over Nuclear Facilities Across the World

radioactive activityYou can find many reports of UFO’s being sighted in the vicinity of nuclear plants. USA, Russia, France, Japan… every major player in the use of nuclear energy sources can be connected to significant UFO activity. When the Chernobyl plant had its infamous meltdown back in the 80’s, reported sightings in the surrounding fallout area surged. Likewise, when the Fukushima plant experienced a critical failure, people were claiming to see unidentified crafts hovering above the scene.

There have been many others, which begs the question, what interest could alien beings have in our most advanced fuel extraction technology to date? Are they merely observing mankind’s technological progress or do they have an active part in its development?

Some theorists claim that nuclear fusion itself has been reverse engineered from extraterrestrial tech recovered from downed alien vessels. You also come across records stating that modern nuclear reactors were built with the aid of alien astronauts. These are supposedly akin to our own scientists and explorers, traveling the star systems in the search for species they can interact with and raise up.

If you subscribe to the theory of humanity gaining access to nuclear fusion “illegally” through crashed UFO’s, then one would assume these sightings are like UN inspections of rogue states. Alien scientists are watching us, making sure that we don’t play around with nuclear fire, only to see ourselves burn out. On the other hand, if the technology was achieved through cooperation, it’s not far-fetched to think aliens would frequent nuclear sites to inspect, safeguard and improve our management of said tech.

nuclear power plant

In the case of the Fukushima disaster, many reports state that UFO’s played an integral part in stemming the radioactive pollution. Had it not been for these crafts, the radiation would have spread across the entire eastern region, with devastating consequences.

No official statements regarding either claim has been released, so it’s all speculation at this point. Whether UFO’s are studying our nuclear sites or play a more active role, one thing remains certain: The numerous sightings suggest that our discovery of nuclear fusion is a sign that humanity is on the verge of joining the interstellar community, if such a thing exists.

nuclear fusion and alien visitors

Pumpkin Shaped Flying Saucers and Halloween Abductions

halloween abductionsYou hear a lot of abduction stories when you’re invested in the world of the extraterrestrial. Eyewitness reports and personal tales that range from plausible to the straight out absurd. While there’s no denying that some of these are pretty convincing, because of how similar they are to each other and rooted in verified or possible science, you occasionally come across preposterous (and hilarious) testimonials from self-proclaimed abductees and observers of alien visitors.

Every year when Halloween comes around, reports of alleged alien abductions spike through the ceiling. It. Happens. Every. Year. Some theorists will offer you the most outlandish explanations for the sudden rise of extraterrestrial kidnappings at the end of October – like, it’s an elaborate agenda to mask real abductions among a sea of fake ones, or how Halloween is actually of alien origin to begin with.

Halloween abductions are prime examples of how human imagination can run wild. It also presents us with a nice, harmless opportunity to review the concept of alien abductions with more scrutiny. How likely is it that aliens would use a seasonal holiday to expand their selection of test subjects, just to remain hidden behind the curtains? We like to think we’re pretty open-minded and there’s always the possibility, sure, but likely? Nah.

hoomins beware

Some of these stories are clearly made up for the sake of trolling believers, and in the case of convinced testimonies, you can often find other explanations. Intoxication of various sorts due to the spirit of the holiday in combination with cognitive disabilities and neuroanatomy issues can fool even the best of us.

For instance, there’s the story of a abductee who apparently used to hold a significant position within the military defense complex. This person, who for security reasons shall remain incognito, claimed to be taken from his house every Halloween by costumed aliens piloting a pumpkin-shaped space craft. The aliens would beam him onto their ship, where they would conduct holiday-themed experiments in good old trick or treat fashion. After said experiments, they would return him to his house where he would wake up the next morning, still fully aware of the events of the past night. As an interesting side note, the bowl of candy put out for Halloween was always emptied after the aliens had come and gone.

Like we said, you encounter plenty of extraordinary tales within the extraterrestrial community. What you choose to believe is up to your own set of deductive skills and reasoning.

Happy Halloween to one and all.

oh noes, an alien

The Best Way to Invest $50K for the Coming Apocalypse

meteor collisionAccording to the Mayan astro calender, the world was supposed to end in 2012. The old prophecy sparked a number of different theories, involving our planet’s destruction through natural cataclysms such as fire raining down from the skies (i.e. meteor collisions), huge tidal waves, earthquakes and solar radiation flares.

Clearly the world didn’t end in 2012, but new interpretations suggest that the prophecy doesn’t tell of a fiery end of massive destruction, but rather a major shift towards a downward spiral that will ultimately end with the annihilation of the human race. The apocalypse is still coming, it’s merely been postponed. For how long, no one can tell for sure, but a quick look at our current situation doesn’t look too promising concerning the future of humanity.

What’s interesting about the old Mayan texts is the fact that they also describe interaction with alien visitors. Visitors who are said to have a big influence on ancient societies and lore with their knowledge of astronomical events and data. It’s supposedly from these aliens that the Mayans gained their stargazing skills and their prophecy of the world’s end.

Is it possible that these visitors foresaw a coming global disaster, most likely from outer space, and were trying to warn the human species in order to prepare us for it? A lot of extraterrestrial theorists and historians believe so and are convinced we are now living on borrowed time. Something big is on the horizon and its ramifications will have huge impacts on modern society – perhaps even life on Earth as we know it.

An increasing popular theory involves an interstellar war between several species, with our planet being one of the battlefields. Some time in the near future, alien armies will openly descend upon us. Some will be on our side, fighting for the betterment of mankind. Others are aiming to enslave us and destroy our way of life as the dominant species on the planet.

In order to prepare for whatever the future holds in store, a lot of believers in the prophecy have started preparing themselves to protect their loved ones and make sure that they will have a place in the new world. The Mayans revered gold as a holy metal with supernatural properties. The metal was said to be a gift from the gods, and a symbol of kings.

ancient gold

This coincides with tales and legends from other parts of the world, all involving divine beings and precious metals. These gods could very well be aliens, with access to advanced technology that would appear to be godlike and magical to Earth’s ancient population. We’ve later discovered how gold is useful in the construction of space-worthy crafts, and it’s highly likely that this is where the fascination of gold originates; aliens that need gold for their technology.

We all know gold is a finite resource and will some day run out. This, combined with its many uses in modern industry, gives the metal its high value. If the theories are true, and gold really is what the alien beings are fighting each other for, then gold will eventually become the most precious matter you can hold; a fact that investing theorists are well aware of. They aren’t the only ones, as countries, central banks and corporate and private investors all are investing in precious metals. Do they know something most people don’t? Does the top elite of our society preparing for something that is right around the corner?

gold nugget

Financial speculators agree that the value of gold will rise exponentially these coming years, meaning if you want to secure a place for you and your family in the near future, you need to start investing in gold right now. A 50,000 dollar investment in the metal today will be worth several hundred percent more in a few years, and maybe even become a priceless commodity once the shift begins to accelerate. There’s still time, but who knows for how long? The best way to invest $50k in physical gold is to buy it through a trusted precious metals provider with a good reputation. You can choose to either have your gold delivered directly to your own home, or you can let the company temporarily hold it in safekeeping until a time of your choice. A $50k gold investment might not seem that much, but as your investment continues to grow in value, you can use the profit to increase your investment and stack your personal gold supply.

If nothing happens, great. You will still enjoy a good profit and your wealth will also be insured against economic crashes and market fluctuations. If the apocalypse does eventuall occur, you’ll be sitting on the ultimate bargaining chip to ensure the future of yourself and your family.

It’s a wise thing to plan ahead.

Don’t wake up one day, only to find yourself left behind.

gold in the future